Are you thinking about membership in the Unitarian Society of New Haven?

We welcome guests to our worship services, social activities and religious education classes, and we recognize that the movement from the status of “guest” to “member” is a very personal journey, and sometimes a long one! Yet the transition is real, and is marked by a sense of commitment to the community and collective ownership of the institution. It’s the difference between saying, “I attend the Unitarian Society” and “I am a Unitarian Universalist.”

The decision to become a member of this community signifies the beginning of a covenant. By joining, we acknowledge that we are no longer simply visiting this congregation as a guest, trying it out for fit or enjoying the worship, fellowship, education and service. Joining as a member means we are willing to share in the responsibilities here as well as the benefits. It means we will add our voices and wisdom to the decisions that face us; that we will help sustain the congregation financially; and that we will volunteer our time and talent in creative new ways.

When you are ready to explore membership, the process is simple! The first step is to attend our Pathways to Membership class, which will give you a brief history of our denomination and congregation and a sense of the religious perspectives common among us. During the class you will receive an Intent to Join form, which will allow you to consider the significant step of becoming a member here. The form also encourages you to tell us of your particular interests and skills so we can better welcome you into our community. If you decide to join you will be invited to sign our membership book, either privately or during a short ceremony held as part of a regular worship service several times a year.

Most people discover that the commitment arising from membership brings them into closer and more rewarding fellowship in the life of the congregation. Each of us choose our own areas of involvement and discover the unique ways in which we are nourished by this community – and can contribute to the nurture of others. We hope and expect that for you, as for so many of us, membership in the Unitarian Society of New Haven will be the beginning of many years of enlivening friendship, spiritual growth and community involvement.

If you have questions about membership or activities at the Unitarian Society, contact the office at (203) 288-1807, ext. 201.