Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education (ARE) at USNH offers a range of spiritual, personal, and social justice-themed classes for people of high school age and older. These courses include such topics as meditation and prayer, the spiritual aspects of environmentalism, ethics, and the many sources of our personal beliefs in our common faith. Our classes and seminars are generally offered from September through June.

Mission Statement

To create a learning environment that motivates our Unitarian Universalist congregation to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially for our good and for that of the wider community. (Adopted by the ARE Committee, October 2010.)

A.R.E. Course Offerings: Growing Spiritually

  • Mindfulness Meditation (ongoing)—Thematic 8-week cycles include talks on Buddhist teaching, walking and discussions. Register directly with teacher, Beth Roth, 203-772-2335, or Tuesdays, 7:00pm, Chapel.
  • Drop-in Meditation (ongoing)—Thursdays, 7:00pm, Room 209


  Spring 2012:
    SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT:  Retirement Book Discussion Group – March & April  2012.   Dates and times to be announced.  The focus of the book discussion will be on how you use your retirement time based on your values(This is NOT a  financial planning for retirement discussion).

Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership

The Harvest the Power course provides leadership skill development that goes hand-in-hand with faith development. The program, developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association, addresses the reality that today’s leaders operate at a time of rapid cultural change, both in and outside our congregations. Leaders need a broad range of skills, both technical and visionary. The program’s 10 workshops offer opportunities for both new and experienced leaders to enrich the skills they bring to their leadership and to experience their leadership journey as a Unitarian Universalist faith journey.

The course is designed for adults of all ages who currently hold or may one day take a leadership position at USNH.  This includes current and potential board members, committee or task force members, and small group facilitators.

The five-month course will begin and end with a four-hour Saturday morning workshop on October 1 and February 18. All other sessions will be held on Sunday mornings from 9 AM to 11 AM, generally every two weeks, on 10/16, 10/30, 11/13, 12/4, 12/18, 1/8, 1/22 and 2/5. The intention is for participants to commit to attending most if not all of the sessions.  There will be a modest course fee of $15 to help cover materials and refreshments.

Topics to be covered include:
* The Leadership Journey
* Unitarian Universalist Journey
* Power And Authority
* Turning Points And Moments Of Grace
* Caring For Ourselves And Each Other
* Integrity
* Imagination And Creativity

Please register by sending an email to or sign ups will be posted on the ARE board in the social hall.




Who:   Members and friends of USNH who wish to have a greater understanding of compassion and to identify ways to regularly practice compassion in personal and public ways.    

  What:  6 session program facilitated by Rev. Marion Visel based on Karen Armstrong’s book, “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.”  Participants will; read the book, attend all 6 sessions (except for emergency absences),  engage in personal reflection and sharing, introduce regular practices into his or her life, commit to taking practical action to foster compassion. 

 Why:  To inspire and guide us to make compassion a dynamic force in our own  lives and in our polarized world.

 When:   2nd Tuesdays from October 2011 through March 2012.  7:00 – 8:45pm.

[10/11, 11/8, 12/13, 1/10, 2/14 (changed by agreement of group),3/13]    Sign up in USNH social hall or on line at

Making Theology Our Own

  • Tuesday Conversations (ongoing)—Lively discussion of current events, with attention turned toward our faithful responses to these issues. Tuesdays, 1:00pm, Library.
  • Spiritual Cinema (ongoing)—Communal meal, movie viewing and discussion. Fourth Fridays, 6:30pm potluck, 7:00-9:00pm film and discussion.