Adult Religious Education - Chair: Cathy Jackson; David Schafer, Mary Donahue, Maureen Gilmore-Herbert

Buildings &Grounds - Chair: Martin Gent; Carole Arnold, Bill Rice, David Stagg, Thomas Weil, Phil Wexler

Canvass- Co-Chairs: John Pawelek, Joanie Messner, Karen Swanson, Renee Navarra, Amy Stevens, Holly Hawkins

Children & Youth Religious Education: Chair: Nancy Apfel, Tina Weinstein; Vicki Seitz, Lurline deVos, Vincent Cangaino, Nina Binin

Committee On Ministry: Chair:

Communications: Robert Garskof

Finance: Chair: Jeremy Hill; Martin Gent, Brett Berke, Susan Godshall, Suzanne Lagarde, Gina LaRoche

Fundraising: Chair: Sarah Berke

History & Archives: Chair: Jane Platt; Toby Appel, Richard Platt, Bruce Weston

Hospitality: Co-Chairs: Karen Swanson, Karen Swann

Labor Day Retreat: Chair: Sarah Berke

Member Services: Chair: Becky Sandmann; Mary Donohue, Barbara Orrok, Mary Losee, Keli Sorrentino

Music: Chair: Clare Bien; Lily Forbush, Peter Hansen, Carol Hollomon, Joanie Messner, Richard & Jane Platt, Peggy Rae, Willow Sirch

Nominating: Chair: Margretta Gurley, Robb Camm, Sally Connolly, Patricia Duff, William Lipp, Linda Oeachsle, Sara Warfield

Personnel: Peggy Rae, Carol Hollomon

Rental: Chair: Susan Godshall; David Jones, Bobbi Pace, Phil Tiso

Small Group Ministry Steering Committee:  Chair: Jean Rosenthal, Meg Gurley, Greg Berg, Ellen Mahoney.  Rev. Marion Visel, Associate Minister, staff

The Steering Committee oversees the Small Group Ministry program at USNH which serves about 25% of our membership.  The Steering Committee recruites and trains facilitators, organizes group sign-up and provides support to facilitators and group members as needed throughout the year.

Worship: Chair: Paul Levatino; Heather Reba, William Mitchell, Susan Linsley, Melinda Tuhus