Mission of Our Pastoral Care Program: Tends to and cares for members and friends, addressing suffering and isolation by offering comfort, connection and solace.

What is “pastoral care”? It’s anything that has to do with a ministry of compassionate assistance for members of our community who are in need. Pastoral care includes short-term counseling with our ministers, bereavement help after a death, assistance with meals and transportation in a time of illness, and support groups to help with some of life’s challenges. The USNH Pastoral Care Program is led by our ministers but includes many laypersons as well; it was created to serve and care for members of our community through times of illness, injury, bereavement and other hardships.

Many USNH members volunteer with the Pastoral Care Program. Short-term needs are met through our Caring Connections groups, coordinated by the volunteers listed below.   The Lay Ministry Team is comprised of volunteers who have been trained in pastoral care ; Lay Ministry members provide support to those who wish to have longer term accompaniment.

If you or another member of USNH has a need, please contact one of the Caring Connections Coordinators.


Lay Ministry Team

    Dee Arneth 203-507-2104
    Gail Figliola 203-645-8190
    Pat Grigg  203-248-9299
    Cathy Jackson 203-387-4008
    Susan Meredith  203-787-4842
    Fred Morrison 203-631-5578
    Sarah Whitson 203/288-1537

Caring Connections Coordinators

    Rides Coordinator:
    Meals Coordinator:  Sue Bond 203/230-1766
    Friendly Visitors:
    Caregivers Support Group:  Sarah Whitson 203/288-1537
    Elder Support Group: