Covenant of Right Relations

We covenant together to create and nurture a culture of respect and kindness, and to engage in the spiritual and everyday practice of loving more generously.

While the following words express our intentions in writing, our true covenant lives and breathes in our actions.

To this end we will strive to:

Be Open
to new ideas, experiences, and change; to create space for all opinions; and to warmly welcome newcomers into our community.

Value Differences
by welcoming diversity in all its forms; celebrating the unique qualities and gifts of every individual; and by honoring the diversity of our spiritual paths.

Listen Deeply
and honor others with our full attention, seeking to understand, and assuming good intentions.

Use Kind Language
speaking with care and consideration; being gentle with one another; and remembering there is power in silence and reflection.

Speak our Truths
by sharing personal stories that build trust and community; by speaking our truths with courage and encouraging others to do the same, especially in difficult times.

Work with Conflict
addressing differences with honesty and compassion; requesting support when needed; making and receiving authentic apologies; being willing to forgive.

Seek Humor and Joy
remembering that these qualities can enrich all that we do; and by holding things lightly when we are able.

Adopted by USNH Congregation June 2015

If you are interested in helping our community live by these words, please investigate the Permanent Committee on Right Relations.