It’s Easy to Support USNH! 


Make a Pledge
• Consider your circumstances and what USNH means to you.
• Check out our Fair Share Giving Guide for help in determining the right pledge for you and/or your family.
• Pledge online or fill out a paper pledge form (also available in the USNH lobby).

Pay Your Pledge
Set a Schedule That Works For You
Pre-pay at the time the pledges are made during the stewardship campaign.
• Pay in full at the beginning of the current fiscal year, e.g. in July or August 20__.
• Regular monthly or quarterly installments throughout the fiscal year, through personal checks, electronic funds transfer, or Paypal.

Choose Your Payment Method
Personal Check OR Adding USNH as a “bill pay” through your bank
Most cost-effective for USNH (no processing fee)
• Easy to set up with your bank for automatic payments
• No forms necessary!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Convenient for you
• USNH pays a processing fee
• EFT Authorization Form

Can offer significant tax advantages

 Stock Transfer Authorization Form

Easy and convenient
• Fully secure
• USNH pays a processing fee
• Click on the “Donate” button below

Your contribution to the life of our spiritual community makes a difference. We are grateful for your pledge!