Message for All

Message for All- March 18, 2018

By Jesse Greist   There are so many people that have opened hearts and changed our minds So many heroes whose brave faces fill our books and films and signs But we must also remember everyone who dared to came along Who filled the crowds and shouted loud whose voices sang the songs So I … Continued

Message for All: Young Martin Luther King Jr.

As Unitarian Universalists, we hear a lot of amazing, inspirational stories, some as old as language itself, others that may be finding their way to our ears for the first time ever.  We love stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We listen with open minds and hearts to the teachings of religious and social … Continued

Our Spirals

December 17, 2017 “Our Spirals” by Jesse Greist This piece is meant to be read while this video plays   Time is a spiral, a synthesis of the circle and the straight line. Each moment is new, each day unlike any other that has come before Yet, we overlay the newness of experience on gently … Continued

Message for All: “Wherefore This Gratitude?”

Wherefore This Gratitude? By Jesse Greist   I have lost family to disease, forced to say an early farewell So now I give thanks for each day of good health I have lost dear friends to simple misunderstandings So now I give thanks for each word clearly spoken I have stood in awe while a … Continued