Religious Education

We offer a wide variety of RE and worship options to adults, children and youth at USNH, including hour-long classes during both of our Sunday services, a “Young Religious Unitarian Universalist” youth group, monthly children’s chapels, small group ministry sessions for parents, multi-generational worship, Our Whole Lives health and sex education, adult class series, three “rite of passage” ceremonies, and regular multi-generational afternoon/evening activities.

  • We offer nursery care for our youngest UU’s and multi-age classes with a two-year curriculum rotation for Pre-K through 7th grade students.
  • Our third graders participate in “stepping up” which is a rite of passage ceremony centered on basic UU rituals and principles.
  • Our 8th graders participate in an Affirmations/coming of age class, with a culminating service, and
  • High school aged students have the option of participating in Popcorn Theology during the 11:15 service.
  • The youth–led YRUU group meets for 2 hours on Sunday afternoons, focusing on community building, service, and the transition from children’s to adult worship.
  • The CYRE committee and YRUU plan annual worship services around the themes of education and bridging.

Our two-year curriculum cycle, set up as an “A” year and a “B” year focuses on UU spirituality, history and identity in the “A” years and on the sources of UU faith during our “B” years.  2013-14 is a “B” year, featuring iconic stories from the Jewish and Christian traditions, explorations of creation myths and iconic stories from other religious traditions.  The 6th and 7th graders are delving into the neighboring faiths curriculum, and plan to visit 10 other places of worship this year.  Every 2-3 years we run the Our Whole Lives human growth and sexual education class with 4-6th graders, 7-9th graders and 10-12th graders.  In addition, we offer multigenerational services and/or children’s chapels 1-2 times per month.

Multi-generational activities include community events such as our annual UNICEF/Halloween party, “Lego Night,” and educational/musical programs, such as our upcoming program “Songs of Hope and Freedom” with Kim and Reggie Harris, scheduled for March 2014. We emphasize community service as well, sponsoring fund raisers for UNICEF, Guest at your Table, local shelters and an annual reading-based campaign for our Philippine pen-pal, whom we sponsor through the UUPCC.