Religious Education

We offer a wide variety of RE and worship options to adults, children and youth at USNH, including hour-long classes during both of our Sunday services, a “Young Religious Unitarian Universalist” youth group, monthly children’s chapels, small group ministry sessions for parents, multi-generational worship, Our Whole Lives health and sex education, adult class series, three “rite of passage” ceremonies, and regular multi-generational afternoon/evening activities.  We offer nursery care for our youngest UU’s and multi-age classes with a two-year curriculum rotation for Pre-K through 7th grade students.

Our third graders participate in “stepping up” which is a rite of passage ceremony centered on basic UU rituals and principles.  Our 8th graders participate in an Affirmations/coming of age class, with a culminating service and travel experience to Boston, MA.

Multi-generational activities include community events such as our annual UNICEF/Halloween party, “Lego Night,” and educational/musical programs. We emphasize community service as well, sponsoring fund raisers for UNICEF, Guest at your Table, local shelters and an annual reading-based campaign for our Philippine pen-pal, whom we sponsor through the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council.